How I work

When you arrive we start by having a chat about how you feel right now, we talk a little bit about your medical history and also about what you hope to get out of the Reiki session. Then you get to lie down fully clothed on a massage couch where you get tucked in so that you're as comfortable as possible in order to be able to relax fully.

The Reiki session takes place in the quietest and most peaceful room in our home. If there are other family members at home, they know the sessions are private and that they are not allowed to visit this part of the house at that time. Please note that there are cats in the home.

When we begin I take a quiet moment to go into a meditative state and to open myself up to the Reiki energy. When I'm ready, I place my hands on your shoulders and take you through a short guided meditation to help you let go of anything that no longer serves your highest good and to help you relax.

During the Reiki session I place my hands on your body (I avoid all sensitive areas) or hold them just above. My hands feel the energy in and around your body and I'm guided by this when choosing where to place my hands on the body and/or how far away to hold them.

Reiki healing is holistic and works on several levels at the same time. Body, mind and soul are one and everything works together - therefore I often go through the whole body, even if you may have a problem that is limited to a specific area.

I act as a channel for the Reiki energy which flows out of my hands. I have my eyes closed for most of the session, as my focus is in my hands and in feeling the energy. I only open my eyes now and again when I need to move around you.

When the session is finished I'll gently tap your shoulder to wake you from your rest and then I leave the room for a short while to allow you to come back to the here and now in your own time. Afterwards I offer you a glass of water and then we talk a little bit about the experience. The Reiki session itself is always the length of time that you booked and all our chats are in addition to this.

Everyone experiences Reiki healing differently, but most people feel some level of relaxation. You may also feel heat, cold, tingling, twitching, radiating energy or other physical or emotional sensations. Some people feel nothing at all and whatever you feel or don't feel, the Reiki healing still works just as deeply.

After a Reiki session it's good to listen extra carefully to your body, if you feel tired - have a rest, if you're thirsty - be sure to drink some water, if you need a break from the computer - take a short walk outside and so on. Do what feels right for you and your body in the moment and do your best to avoid coffee and alcohol for the rest of that day and evening.

I believe that Reiki can be given and received by anyone regardless of whether you're spiritually or scientifically inclined and you don't have to believe in healing for it to work.

Reiki is classified as 'friskvård' by Skatteverket.

Sofia Genders
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